- Telecom giant Vodafone said it had formed a strategic partnership with sustainable phone maker Fairphone,

The companies would offer 'the more ethical, reliable and sustainable' Fairphone 3 to Vodafone retail customers in European markets including the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and Ireland by the end of 2019.

Vodafone and Fairphone would also collaborate on best practice and share knowledge on key industry sustainability issues including the circular economy, electronic waste and responsible sourcing.

'This partnership with Fairphone aligns with Vodafone's purpose to improve the lives of 1bn people while halving its environmental impact by 2025,' Vodafone said.

'This commitment by Vodafone includes halving its carbon footprint and purchasing all electricity from renewable sources by 2025, and Vodafone has committed to reuse, resell or recycle 100% of its network waste and help customers extend the lives of the devices they already own.'

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