- ValiRx said the results of a trial testing a treatment for prostate cancer appeared promising, though were still subject to a full analysis.

The company said the clinical trial of the treatment -- VAL201 -- was coming to a conclusion, with data collected to date undergoing collation and verification, in addition to statistical and scientific analysis.

'The results appear, in advance of full analysis, to indicate that the VAL201 compound has a clear impact on patients with prostate cancer, as measured by PSA - evidence that is supported from tumour imaging in subjects,' ValiRX said.

'The compound has also shown it is very safe and has a high degree of tolerability, up to a dose that is in excess of the predicted dose and any practical therapeutic concentration.'

Further analysis would be conducted prior to data submission to relevant regulatory authorities.

Until regulatory approval had been reached and all the trial data been verified, limited preliminary observations could be inferred, the company said.

'The results, along with a full statistical and scientific analysis, will be submitted to the relevant regulatory authorities as is required, at which point the detailed results will be made publicly available,' it added.

'However, in the interim, it is intended that the trial's preliminary observations may be presented at various academic conferences, as part of the compound's ongoing reporting and analysis.'

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