- Food technology company BigDish said it had more doubled the number of restaurants on its platform in January.

The company added 242 new restaurants in January, a 120% increase from December.

That took the total 'live' restaurants on the BigDish platform to 351, while an additional 91 restaurants had agreed to join BigDish, increasing the total to 442.

'We have effectively doubled the number of restaurants on the platform in just one month as well as seen big increases across other key metrics,' the company said.

There had been a 387% increase in deal quality (50% off and 2-4-1 offers) in the month of January compared to the whole of 2019 and a 34% increase in seven-day availability compared to 2019, the company confirmed.

'The primary focus for the year is restaurant acquisition and accelerating the growth of restaurant numbers in order to build out a national product,' BigDish said. This would enable the company to 'leverage national brands for large-scale marketing partnerships in order to drive consumer acquisition which is integral to the strategic marketing plan.'

'It is anticipated that some of these deals will be monetised and that going forward the sums involved may be more significant than future transactional revenue,' it added.

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