- Cell-based therapeutics developer ReNeuron said it had recorded positive long-term data from an ongoing clinical trial of its hRPC stem cell therapy candidate for eye problem retinitis pigmentosa.

The condition was a group of hereditary diseases of the eye that led to progressive loss of sight and ultimately blindness.

Positive interim efficacy data had been released in February from patients treated in the Phase 2a study.

Since then, further long-term data had been gathered from patients at six, nine, 12 and 18 months follow-up.

'The company is pleased to report that the latest data continue to demonstrate the efficacy of the therapy, with a clinically meaningful benefit being observed at all time-points,' ReNeuron said.

'These results are particularly encouraging as RP is characterised by inexorable progression to blindness, with no therapy currently available for the vast majority of patients.'

The results announced on 24 February excluded two subjects who experienced sight loss as a result of complications arising from the surgical procedure.

'The company is pleased to report that one of these two patients has now recovered their vision and is back to at least baseline at one year post treatment,' it said.

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