- Disease test kit supplier Omega Diagnostics welcomed news that the UK government had placed an initial order for 1 million Covid-19 rapid tests.

Omega Diagnostics is part of the UK Rapid Test Consortium, which announced the order for the lateral flow antibody tests in a press release.

The order was part of the UK government's plans to roll-out Covid-19 surveillance studies to help build a picture of how the virus had spread across the country.

The test used a small drop of blood from a finger-prick and showed results in 20 minutes, without the need for a patient sample to be sent to a laboratory.

Omega Diagnostics said the consortium partners were in the final stages of formalising an agreement for the supply of goods from members to Abingdon Health.

'Omega expects to manufacture approximately 175,000 of these first 1 million tests but over the term of this supply agreement, Omega will manufacture not less than 25% of the demand from total orders placed, either from the UK government or, where allowed, third party customers,' the company said.

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