- Pub chain Wetherspoon said the government's tiered system would keep about half of its pubs closed when the national lockdown ends on Dec. 2.

The company said the tiered system - in which tier three represented the most restrictive measure - set to come into effect after lockdown ends, represented yet 'another raft of regulations, which has effectively closed half our pubs.'

The company had 366 pubs which would remain closed, with 315 of these pubs in tier three in England and 51 in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

The company said its 13 pubs in England were classified as tier one. In addition, there were 51 pubs in Wales, where the regulations approximate to tier one in England.

'In reality, the government has extended a form of lockdown, by stealth, in large swathes of the country,' Tim Marin, CEO of Whethersoon said.

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