- Private equity investor Pantheon International (PIP) reported that its net asset value (NAV) per share decreased, down 1.5% or -47.8p, in December compared to November.

It announced an NAV per share of 3,091.4p as of 31 December 2020, with the decline driven by foreign exchange movements, which were -53.8p (-1.7%), and expenses and taxes, which were down 3.8p, or 0.1% lower.

PIP said its private equity assets stood at £1,572 million at the end of December, while net available cash balances were £146 million.

It made £27 million of new commitments during the month across three secondaries, five co-investments and one primary investment.

This included a £3.8 million co-investment alongside IK Investment Partners in Kersia, a biosecurity and food safety company based in France and a £1.9 million co-investment alongside ArchiMed in NAMSA, a US-based provider of outsourced research and development services to medical device companies.

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