- Cancer treatment and vaccine delivery system group N4 Pharma posted a full-year loss amid a rise in research and development spending.

Pre-tax losses for the year through December amounted to £1.57 million, compared to losses of £0.95 million year-on-year.

Chief executive Nigel Theobald said the company had made considerable process over the last 12 months on dispersion and formulation work for its flagship Nuvec delivery system.

The work, he said, would put the company in a stronger position for collaboration discussions as it continued to present our data to potential licensing partners.

'The next few months will generate further important in vivo antibody response data using a SARS COV-2 plasmid both with our original and optimised Nuvec formulations,' Theobald added.

'This is a pivotal time for the Company, we are now finalising the data we feel will give third parties the confidence to explore testing of Nuvec with their own constructs and we continue to expand that dataset all the time.'

We are continuing work on other applications for Nuvec both for cancer treatment and also to explore the potential for oral delivery of vaccines.'

'This work on oral delivery will continue in the background as there is much that needs doing to establish the potential for Nuvec in this area as no one experiment will provide a definitive conclusion either way on this potential.'

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