- Polling and data company YouGov said it had acquired open banking start-up Lean App, allowing it to add financial transaction data to its products and services.

Lean App had been acquired by YouGov on a three year earn-out 'tied to enriching and expanding YouGov's data in the UK and US', the company said.

All four of Lean App's co-founders -- Luke Dugdale, Tom Stuart, Max Lascombe, and Artur Jurgenson -- would join YouGov as part of the deal.

'Through Lean App's ready-built, secure system, members who consent to do so will be able to share their financial transaction data with YouGov,' it said.

'The acquisition means YouGov's existing products and services will be enriched with data confirming the value, timing, and frequency of purchases made both online and offline, across nearly 40 industries.'

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