- UK technology company commercialising hydrogen production from non-recyclable waste plastic, Powerhouse Energy Group, has ordered the critical key alloy material to be used in the manufacture for the DMG Advanced Thermal Conversion Technology process.

It is to be installed at the first plastic to hydrogen facility which will be located at Peel NRE’s – part of Peel L&P – strategic energy and resource hub Protos in Ellesmere Port.

The alloy material has been ordered by Protos Plastics to Hydrogen No. 1 Limited, the Peel NRE Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). The procurement was funded from the recent loan agreement from PHE which is set to provide up to £3.8 million to the SPV.

The alloy material has the necessary high temperature corrosion resistance whilst providing the strength and lifetime durability necessary for application in the Thermal Conversion Chamber (TCC). The material was selected after four years of research by the Powerhouse team our suppliers and material specialist consultants.

With this commencement of the procurement process, the project development managers King Associates are also engaging with all the long lead suppliers to finalise contracts for other critical components.

David Ryan, CEO of Powerhouse Energy Group, said: 'Over four years of the technology development team’s work has gone into this procurement decision...I look forward to seeing the material worked into the Protos chamber fabrication later in the year.'

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