- Mining investor Mineral & Financial reported an improved third-quarter performance and said it had increased its weighting to previous metal plays.

The company's net asset value per share had risen 6.1% in the three months through March quarter-on-quarter and 13% year-on-year.

Mineral & Financial noted that in the year through March, the price of gold bullion appreciated by only 6%, while silver by a disproportionate 73%.

'We believe that the economic setting will result in gold performing significantly better over the next 12 to 24 months,' it said.

'Base metals holdings in our portfolios have declined slightly, more as a function of not adding to positions.'

'The base metal sector has been rising at a torrid pace - led by copper being up 83.4% during the period.'

'We continue to seek a strategic investment in the copper sector which will provide our shareholders an attractive platform to participate in this key metal within a world whose commitment of green energy transition.'

'This will require new sources of a variety of metals, most likely copper will be the net winner.'

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