- Sweco, the European engineering consultancy company, has been appointed to aid Powerhouse Energy Group to design and assess a waste-to-hydrogen project in Knonin, Poland.

Powerhouse Energy Group is a UK waste management company that commercialises hydrogen production from waste plastic.

Sweco signed an agreement with Hydropolis United, a subsidiary of Hydrogen Utopia International, on June 9th 2021.

Tim Yeo, executive chairman of Powerhouse Energy said: ‘We are delighted SWECO has been appointed to help rollout Powerhouse Energy technology in the city of Konin, Poland. The rollout in Europe of Powerhouse Energy technology is underway and it will soon be helping Poland on their clean energy transition, helping it meet its net zero targets.’

In addition, earlier this year Powerhouse Energy Group agreed to sign a non-binding contract with Hydrogen Utopia International in order to enable an exclusive non-transferable licence for its DMG technology in Greece and Hungary.

Dariusz Czerniak, SWECO, Director, Energy Department said: ‘It is our privilege to work closely with Hydrogen Utopia International on the PHE DMG® system, as it is a novel, 4.0. technology. We believe that the DMG® solution can tackle the global growing plastic waste problem. The DMG® system will also enhance the transition of the hydrogen economy and we are proud to be a part of this exciting future for Poland.’

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