- Green energy investor The Renewable Infrastructure Group said power generation had been halted at the 396MW megawatt Merkur offshore wind farm in the German North Sea due to turbine issues.

The company, known as TRIG, said routine inspections at Merkur had identified signs of stress fatigue on certain areas of some of the project's 6 megawatt wind turbines, supplied by GE.

'Generation at the wind farm was paused as a precautionary safety measure whilst the root cause of the issue is being investigated,' the company said.

Contractual provisions with GE included a mechanism to protect lost revenue whilst turbines were not operational, subject to a cap.

'It is not currently expected that the cap will be exceeded and therefore no material financial impact is expected to the company,' TRIG said.

It added that the first batches of turbines had now been brought back online, in consultation with authorities.

Its asset management team, with support from the company's managers, was working with GE to apply a solution to allow the wind farm to resume operating safely and effectively for the long term.

Merkur constituted 6% of TRIG's portfolio value on a committed basis and was the only site that used GE's Haliade turbine model.

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