- Microsaic Systems, the high technology company that develops point-of-need mass spectrometers, has announced it has developed the first real-time monitoring process analytical technology (PAT) MS solution for the online production of biotherapeutic drugs like vaccines and anti-cancer treatments.

Glenn Tracey, CEO of Microsaic Systems plc, said: ‘As part of the recent G7 directive to deliver faster production of vaccines and treatments to manage the current and future pandemics, we are delighted to have achieved this significant milestone.’

‘In just a short time we have demonstrated and delivered an efficient automated production scaling methodology to fast-track drugs and vaccines to market, at a lower cost of production and without manual human intervention, whilst maintaining consistent high quality,’ she adds.

Live data transmitted via Internet of Things ("IoT") devices from the micro-engineered MS equipment, enables constant monitoring of production processes, to ensure high quality biological production output.

This real-time system allows rapid scaling, reduces supervision costs, and accelerates vaccines and anti-cancer treatments through emergency and standard regulatory authorisation.

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