- Atome, President Energy’s hydrogen and ammonia production subsidiary, has announced it has acquired a 75% interest in Northern European green hydrogen and ammonia company ‘HCO.’

The acquisition strengthens Atome’s position in Europe, and as a key player it the market for the supply of green hydrogen and ammonia.

‘HCO’ has no tangible assets at yet, but it has experienced local management with a reputable CEO in the country where the business is located.

Peter Levine, President’s chairman, said: ‘The announcement today further reinforces the determination of President's subsidiary, Atome, to fulfil its strategic objective to geographically expand its green hydrogen and ammonia portfolio to the important European market ahead of the targeted listing of Atome's shares on the London Stock Exchange later in the year.’

The identity of ‘HCO’ and the country in which it is located is confidential for commercial reasons at this point.

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