- MTI Wireless Edge, the technology group focused on comprehensive communication and radio frequency solutions across multiple sectors, has announced that MTI's antenna ivision has been selected to partner with US engineering and technology firm, Craig Technologies, and its subsidiary Sidus Space, to develop a new range of space antenna as part of a funded project.

Carol Craig, founder and CEO of Craig Technologies (Merritt Island, Florida) said: ‘We are naturally delighted to be part of this project alongside MTI. As a leading small business in commercial space engineering, our focus is on developing and launching mission-critical systems and we are looking forward to bringing our expertise of developing systems capable of functioning reliably in space together with MTI's undoubted leadership in the field of antenna communications.'

Space Florida entered into a partnership with the Israel Innovation Authority to support joint aerospace research and development projects.

The Florida Israel innovation partnership requires companies from both countries to participate in every project that funded.

For this project, MTI will receive a grant of $125,000 to support the development of the new space antenna.

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