- Mining group Scotgold Resources said it had mined high-grade ore at its Cononish gold and silver project in Scotland during July.

'Mining activities further increased the volume and, importantly, the quality of ore stored on the stockpile,' the company said.

'The ore thickness is wider than anticipated producing more high grade ore from this cut and fill section'.

Scotgold said a second DUX truck was expected to arrive at the end of August and be available for use in September.

The truck would greatly reducing the risk to its operations with expected utilisation of mining equipment to be achieved, it said.

The company also said a process plant was taken offline several times throughout July to conduct further proactive inspections of risk areas to prevent future failures.

'This work proved useful in identifying a number of preventative measures which has resulted in the process plant having been in 24-hour operations since this work was completed,' Scotgold said.

'This step change has seen the process plant average over 90% of design throughput for the last 10 days of the month.'

During the month, another shipment of 25 tonnes of concentrate was made, 'further strengthening our goal to achieve steady ramp up in production,' Scotsgold said.

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