- Digital media and technology provider Catenae Innovation said it had signed a collaboration agreement with ProMake, a specialist in material science and medical innovations, to support the latter's work within the Public Health England National Microbiology Framework.

Under the terms of the agreement, Catenae will be the exclusive provider of data management services to ProMake to fulfil its position on the Public Health England National Microbiology Framework.

ProMake's PreVent tube -- uses graphene and other nano-materials within an injection moulded 'PreVent' tube, which a patient blows into in order to provide medical samples -- will be processed in a lab but the company's aim is to build an inexpensive 'Bio-Pod' device that will analyse the sample locally and pass data to a cloud based platform for diagnosis via an individual's mobile app.

Catenae formed part of a ProMake led consortium which has been awarded positions in lot 2 (Research and Development Goods and Services) and Lot 4 (Clinical Laboratoty Diagnostic Testing Services) of the PHE Framework Agreement.

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