- Mining-project royalties group Trident Royalties said it had collected royalty payments of $0.38 million in the second quarter.

'Trident continues to make strong progress towards building the critical mass required to realise our strategy to offer investors an increasing source of revenue through a diversified portfolio of mining royalties,' chief executive Adam Davidson said.

'We are well on our way to achieving this and are building on our two existing paying royalties, the Koolyanobbing iron ore royalty and Mimbula copper royalty, with further projects now moving closer to the commencement of production.'

'Importantly, both Koolyanobbing and Mimbula also represent considerable growth opportunities for Trident.'

'The commencement of pre-stripping of a new deposit in the royalty zone at Koolyanobbing is a particularly interesting development which has the potential to materially enhance our royalty payments in future quarters.'

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