- BrandShield Systems, the provider of cybersecurity solutions, has announced it has completed a contract with a customer in the financial services sector.

According to the company, the client is a multi-billion dollar valued investment and wealth management firm with offices around the world.

BrandShield will provide a range of services to the client including online protection against phishing, fraud and impersonation as part of its annual recurring and auto-renewing SaaS contract.

Yoav Keren, co-founder and CEO of BrandShield, said: ‘The automation integral to the BrandShield system acts as a massive force multiplier to the existing, often dis-jointed brand protection processes that some companies use currently.’

‘This client will be able to seamlessly harness the power of our platform, leading to massive efficiencies and co-ordinated actions across multiple business functions, all of whom will have real time and actionable intelligence at their fingertips.’