- Hipgnosis Songs Fund has announced it has acquired a catalogue from Christine McVie.

Upon completion of the purchases Hipnosis will own song copyrights and writers share of seven out of 11 songs on ‘Fleetwood Mac’ and eight out of 11 songs on ‘Rumours,’ among others.

Merck Mercuriadis, founder of The Family (Music) and Hipgnosis Songs Fund, said: ‘It's wonderful for us to welcome Christine to the Hipgnosis Family and particularly wonderful to reunite her once again at Hipgnosis with Lindsey Buckingham. Between Christine and Lindsey we now have 48 of 68 songs on the band's most successful albums.’

Christine McVie said: ‘I am so excited to belong to the Hipgnosis family, and thrilled that you all regard my songs worthy of merit.’

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