- Energy saving group Sabien Technology posted a full-year loss after higher sales were offset by expenses.

Pre-tax losses for the year through June amounted to £0.51 million, compared to year-on-year losses of £1.41 million.

Revenue rose to £0.97 million, up from £0.45 million.

Sabien Technology said it had booked exceptional costs of £0.18 million related to theaborted acquisition and potential reverse takeover of Ptarmigan Health Destinations.

'Sabien's strategy has been developed and will evolve further through the evolution of the 'Green Economy',' executive chairman Richard Parris said.

'For example, the UK has committed to achieving a net-zero economy by 2050. The US, across its different markets, is setting similar targets within equivalent timeframes.'

'These ambitious goals demand equally ambitious innovation in products, services, and technology.'

'Sabien is committed to building a portfolio of businesses which are involved directly in the application of emerging and developed technology to the emerging Green Economy.'

'It will do so through organic, partnership and acquisition-led development.'

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