- Alternative fuel developer Quadrise Fuels International announced positive test results for its flagship bioMSAR product.

Test results of bioMSAR on a medium speed 4-stroke Wartsila diesel engine at the VTT facility in Finland had confirming results announced on 11 August 2021 when compared to conventional liquid fuels.

Engine efficiency was higher, up to 7%, than with marine diesel, increasing with engine load.

Average calculated CO2 emissions were 26% lower than diesel on a life-cycle basis, due to a combination of the 40% renewable glycerine content of bioMSAR and the higher engine efficiency.

Further tests of bioMSAR were being conducted on a Cummins 4-stroke, high-speed diesel engine generating set to allow accurate performance monitoring, optimisation and measurements to be made.

'We expect the results of this testing at Aquafuel to be available by the end of September,' Quadrise said.

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