- Consultancy firm Science Group said it was considering a new debt facility and also was continuing to assess the merits of an equity raising.

Science Group said it was mulling taking on more debt 'in order to increase capital efficiency' and enable shareholders to benefit from an increase in leverage.

'Furthermore, and as set out in the group's 2019 strategic review, from time to time the board considers the merits of broadening the shareholder base, and thereby enhance liquidity, through an increase in equity capital,' it added.

'In considering the possible expansion of the group's equity capital, the board will prioritise the interests of existing shareholders and, as evidenced over the past decade, will carefully consider the impact of shareholder dilution.'

'Such prudence benefits all shareholders of Science Group, both long-standing and new investors who can be assured of continued alignment of Board and shareholder interests.'

Science Group said it had cash of £17.2 million at 31 August 'reflecting the continuing strong cash generation of the group's business operations.'

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