- Online trading platform CMC Markets confirmed media reports that it was mulling the merits of separating its leveraged and non-leveraged businesses in order to unlock shareholder value.

The company said it expected to start its review before year end and complete it by June 2022 and would update the market in due course.

The review comes as the group now had two 'strong' underlying businesses, leveraged and non-leveraged, ahead the launch of its new UK investment D2C and B2B platforms, and the upcoming end of its B2B white label deal with ANZ.

The company said it was in the 'very early stages' of undertaking an exploratory review to 'consider the viability of a managed separation of the group's non-leveraged and leveraged businesses in the interests of maximising shareholder value,' the company said.

As these discussions were 'exploratory at this stage, they may or may not lead to a managed separation of these businesses in due course,' it added.

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