- Advanced materials group Haydale said its graphene nano-platelets was used by iCraft and Pro-Specs to make new graphene-enhanced jackets.

Haydale's graphene nano-platelets had been used to coat the nylon fibres in the lining of a down jacket.

'The graphene coated fabric, THERMiT, was supplied to South Korean sports apparel brand, Pro-Specs, for use in a new graphene-enhanced jacket,' the company said.

The initial production run of 8,000 items, which was available in store and online, sold out within weeks of being released,' the company said.

'In collaboration with Haydale, iCraft plans to develop the fabric further including combining it with other wearable devices,' it added.

'At this early stage the parties are not yet able to anticipate how iCraft's increased use of functionalised GNP's will impact the volume requirements in the three-year contract that the parties signed in September 2020.'

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