- PHSC has produces its preliminary results for the year ended 31 March 2011 showing an overall reduction in Group revenues of around £48,000 over the period, generating EBITDA of £378,400.

With that figure standing at £106,300 at the time of the interims, a strong second half performance saw annual earnings of more than three times that amount.

This improvement in fortunes is partly caused by a high volume of invoices traditionally being raised in February and March each year, curbing work in progress and meeting customers' budgetary needs.

The company confirmed basic earnings per share of 2.33p down from 3.21p and a proposed final dividend of 2.00p comprising of ordinary dividend of 1.00p and a special dividend of 1.00p per share (2010: 0.90p) The board expects that revenues for 2011/12 will be broadly similar to those for the previous year, but that concerted efforts to cut costs will bear fruit.

Based on current expectations the company anticipates an increase of up to 10% in annual profits.

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