- Animalcare Group - a leading supplier of veterinary medicines - has confirmed that sales of Buprecare single dose ampoules have resumed following the break in supply announced in July 2011.

Animalcare received notification from its previous supplier of Buprecare single dose ampoules, the contract manufacturing group Recipharm, in July 2011 that it would be closing its sterile injectable production unit with immediate effect. This resulted in the immediate supply disruption of ampoule product to the UK and European markets.

But Animalcare says a new contract has been signed with a German multinational contract manufacturer with a substantial sterile injectables facility in France and that facility has now been approved to manufacture Buprecare single dose ampoules.

Buprecare single dose ampoules from the new supplier are now available for sale in all previously supplied markets in the UK and Europe.

Animalcare management is confident about the new supply of Buprecare ampoules and is also confident that levels of sales similar to those prior to the supply disruption will be reached. The company is now focusing on bringing the product back to market. Buprecare multidose vial, an analgesic for cats and dogs launched in March 2012, continues to sell well. Its strong performance is expected to complement the sale of the ampoule product.

Animalcare chief executive Stephen Wildridge said: "It was very disappointing to lose our marketing leading product Buprecare ampoules so abruptly however after some excellent work from the Animalcare team in identifying and working with a very competent manufacturer we are now back in a market that has been eagerly awaiting our return and with a supplier that puts us in an even stronger position.

"It's a very good way to start 2013."

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