- Plant Health Care has reported exciting results from its research on third-generation peptide technology. It has developed Innatus, a technology platform that enables the design, production and screening of a large pipeline of peptides with diverse biostimulant properties.

Plant Health Care has initiated discussions with a number of industry players regarding the testing and evaluation of this technology.

CEO Paul Schmidt commented:

"This provides a platform from which to create an entire pipeline of diverse and proprietary peptides which act as powerful biostimulants via both seed treatment and foliar applications. Most exciting is the ability to design and customize peptides to achieve specificity by crop and desired biological response.

"And the ability to combine these peptides with conventional crop protection chemicals makes them highly complementary to existing production practices.

"The pipeline is showing promise in delivering a range of benefits for farmers, including drought tolerance, disease resistance and increased yield. We plan to engage with those parties that have the development and commercialization capabilities to exploit the full potential of this platform."

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