- Tekcapital said University of Arkansas has received a "Notice of Allowance" from the US Patent and Trademark Office for Crackle-baked, confirming its patent application has been successful.

Tekcapital acquired the exclusive worldwide license for Crackle-baked, a coating composition and process for baked products to impart the attributes of fried products, in January of 2015.

Termed Crackle-baked by Tekcapital, this unique process enables baked foods to have similar attributes, in terms of taste and texture, to those of fried foods but with approximately 60 per cent. less fat content in the finished product.

The US patent will protect the IP surrounding Crackle-baked® until 2030 and management therefore believe this technology is now well placed for mass market adoption via out-licensing to food producers or the companies that supply them.

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