- Haydale Graphene Industries has announced a collaboration agreement between Haydale Limited and Graphit Kropfmuhl GmbH, part of AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group and an affiliate of Alterna Capital Partners LLC.

The agreement focuses on the development of new value added nano-material products using Haydale's HDPlas functionalisation process and certain AMG graphitic feedstock material primarily from its GK mine in Sri Lanka. Through its own source mines and vertically integrated production facilities, GK produces high purity natural graphite that is known for its conductivity, lubrication, heat resistance, and bonding properties.

Haydale will initially supply an R&D reactor (HT60) and a larger capacity reactor (HT200) to GK for use under the Agreement. The specification of the HT60 is similar to that supplied to the Centre for Process Innovation in September 2015 while the HT200 is a scaled up version capable of treating 8 times that of the R&D unit, which can amount to multiple tonnes of certain GK material.

The initial contract value for the supply of the reactors is payable to Haydale on the normal machine supply basis. Subject to reaching the agreed milestones, the majority of the revenue is scheduled to be received in the current financial year and is expected to constitute a significant proportion of the Group's revenues for the year ended 30 June 2016. Once the reactors are installed and commissioned, the Parties will collaborate on various projects aimed at developing "Collaboration Products" for specific industrial customers in the composites, inks/dispersions, energy harvesting and lubricants sectors. In addition, the Parties have agreed to work together on commercialising certain products that Haydale has developed. Intellectual Property in the Collaboration Products will be owned by the party creating it, or jointly if created jointly, but in any event the parties will cross license each other such foreground IP to allow each of them to make and sell Collaboration Products.

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