- Allergy Therapeutics has announced that data were presented in a satellite symposium entitled: 'Adjuvants in Allergy: elevating efficacy' at the 35th annual congress of the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology in Vienna, yesterday relating to a number of the company's products and technologies.

Three world-leading experts in the field of allergen immunotherapy and vaccine delivery, Ralph Mösges, Randolph Brehler and Thomas Kündig, presented information on innovation in immunotherapy including Allergy Therapeutics' key product Pollinex Quattro.

Pollinex Quattro's specialist technology was discussed, highlighting the marketed product's ability to reduce irritation and systemic reactions. Furthermore, Dr Brehler discussed how the potent depot adjuvant MCT (Micro Crystalline Tyrosine), initiated by the Company as an alternative to aluminium in subcutaneous immunotherapy and used in Pollinex Quattro as well as certain other of the company's subcutaneous injected therapies, has an immunomodulating action that augments a shift in the immune reactions responsible for the symptoms of allergic rhinitis.

Data on the future role of Virus-Like-Particles (VLP) in immunotherapy were also presented as a potential new injectable vaccine immunotherapy technology.

Allergy Therapeutics recently acquired an exclusive VLP technology licence and is conducting a research project on VLP-based allergy vaccines.

The worldwide food allergy market is worth a potential $8bn and, currently, there is no established and safe immunotherapy treatments available for peanut allergy, the first indication the Company intends to address.

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