- Craneware maintained double digit growth in the second half of its year ended 30 June.

The group said it expected to report full year revenue growth of 16% to $57.8m (FY16: $49.8m) delivering EBITDA of $18.0m (FY16: $15.9m).

An update said: "Underlying sales in the year continue to support further future growth.

"In accordance with the company's revenue recognition policy the majority of the revenue resulting from sales will be realised over future periods, continuing to add to the group's long term visibility of revenue under contract.

"In addition, the Company launched its first product on its new cloud based platform Trisus, and the Board is delighted to report early sales of Trisus Claims Informatics.

"Launched in June 2017, this product enables hospitals and healthcare systems to drive revenue growth and increase compliance by automating claims review; through analysing for completeness, accuracy, and patterns of charging behaviour.

"Other key performance indicators continue to be positive. Despite fewer renewals falling due in the year, the group has successfully renewed the number of hospitals that were due for renewal at greater than 100% (by US dollar value), maintaining ongoing customer retention significantly higher than the industry norm."

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