- Sunrise Resources announced an interim update on testing of samples from its trenching and drill programmes at the CS Pozzolan-Perlite project in Nevada, US, and further development of its pozzolan/perlite business.


Preliminary testing of drill samples confirmed:

- Thick intervals of pozzolan and perlite-pozzolan previously reported from visual observation of drill samples and commercial qualities for the perlite and pozzolan.

- Preliminary trench results show extensions of the Main Zone towards the Northeast Zone.

- Pozzolan testwork moving on to more extensive external certification, starting with the Tuff Zone samples.

- Positive meetings held with potential customers in the US - cooperative test programmes planned.

Executive Chairman Patrick Cheetham said: "I am pleased to report that our preliminary testing has confirmed the visual observations that we reported on completion of our recent drilling and that the trenching programme has indicated important extensions to the Main Zone perlite and pozzolan.

"We have prioritised pozzolan testing on the Tuff Zone and I am pleased to report that the preliminary results show that, in all cases, the pozzolan strength requirements of ASTM C618 required after 28 days curing have been exceeded after only 7 days curing.

"We have recently held positive meetings with a number of raw perlite and pozzolan consumers and as a result we will now proceed to supply initial samples for their internal evaluation whilst continuing our own testwork programmes."

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