- Venture Life announced increased distribution in the UK with Boots for its UltraDEX range.

The company reported its listings of UltraDEX products with Boots in the UK will increase by 46% from July onwards, its highest recorded level in Boots, and added to all current existing listings in Boots and other stores this creates the highest level of total listings in the UK market since the brand launched 25 years ago.

In addition to increasing the presence of some of the existing products, Boots will be launching both of the newly developed UltraDEX products: UltraDEX One GO, and the new UltraDEX Fresh Breath Essential Kit.

Boots is the UK's leading pharmacy-led health and beauty retailer with around 2,500 stores nationwide. These increases in distribution will add a further 3,686 new points of distribution for UltraDEX in Boots stores from July 2018.

These additions, combined with others already gained in the last 12 months in Boots and other stores mean that the UltraDEX brand now has a total of over 18,800 points of distribution in the UK, its highest level ever nationally, and a 49% increase over its position in July 2017.

In support of this launch, promotion of the new product UltraDEX One GO via above the line advertising will appear on the London Underground platform posters from mid-June and will run for two weeks.

In addition, the UltraDEX Sensitive range was granted a patent in Canada. This new patent adds to the existing patents granted for this innovative range in eight other countries including US, UK, Japan and Australia.

CEO Jerry Randall said: "These additional listings in Boots are a tremendous testament to the strength of the UltraDEX range in the UK and its increasingly prominent position in one of the largest pharmacy chains countrywide.

"These listings have resulted in a 46% increase in the UltraDEX presence in Boots.

"Over the last 12 months, including this increase announced today, we have seen a 49% increase in our overall UK pharmacy and retail store listings for the range, taking it to the highest level ever for the brand.

"The acceptance of both of our new products into Boots demonstrates our ability to develop new innovative lines that gain rapid acceptance in key retailers.

"I am delighted that we continue to deliver on the strategic objectives we set out when acquiring UltraDEX, and I am confident that we can deliver similar results with other brands.

"The UK is not, however, the sole focus for UltraDEX and we have now partnered the range internationally in nine countries since acquisition, including three of the four main countries in the EU.

"We have also widened the patent estate over the UltraDEX Sensitive range, where the patent has now been approved in Canada, meaning this patent now covers a total of nine countries worldwide.

"As a company we are excited about the future of UltraDEX and the broader territories we can continue to target with this product range."

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