- OptiBiotix Health agreed to grant an exclusive license agreement to Nutrilinea for the production, packaging, and supply of SlimBiome Medical in Europe with the aim of maximizing the financial return for both parties.

The agreement secures manufacturing for OptiBiotix's award winning SlimBiome weight management product recently granted medical device status and CE mark.

Nutrilinea will formulate and package SlimBiome Medical in boxes of 30 single sachet doses for sale to its own European partners and OptiBiotix's growing list of existing and potential international partners.

Nutrilinea has over 15 years' experience in the design and development of customised formulations and presentations (capsules, tablets, sachets) for the supplement and pharmaceutical industry.

Nutrilinea has established an international reputation for providing innovative product formulations and presentations and is one of Europe's fastest growing providers of food supplements with year on year growth of 30% over the last five years and revenues of €70m.

Nutrilinea has become a valued partner of OptiBiotix and has been instrumental in the development of the Company's own brand CholBiome and the rapid sales growth of OptiBitiox's LP-LDL products.

OptiBiotix CEO Stephen O'Hara commented: "We are pleased to announce this exclusive license agreement with Nutrilinea for the manufacture and supply of SlimBiome Medical as a clinically proven solution to support weight loss.

"We chose Nutrilinea due to their industry reputation, extensive European network and expertise in manufacture of high value food and medical products for Europe and the US.

"We believe partners like Nutrilinea provide the best opportunity of building SlimBiome Medical into a global brand.

"We see CE marking and medical device registration as an exciting extension of SlimBiome from food products into high value medical products in consumer healthcare and pharmaceutical markets which we hope will contribute substantive revenues to OptiBiotix's growth in the months and years ahead."

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