- Global Petroleum said Monday a further six appeals made against Environmental Decrees for its applications in the Southern Adriatic had been rejected by the Administrative Tribunal In Rome.

The six appeals related to the company's two applications, d80 F.R-GP and d81 F.R-GP, and followed the recent rejection by the Tribunal of two similar appeals relating to Global's contiguous applications, d82 F.R-GP and d83 F.R-GP, Global Petroleum said.

The environmental decrees for the two applications designated d80 F.R-GP and d81 F.R-GP were issued in August and September 2017, respectively. The 2017 decrees were the subject of appeals by a number of parties, which were scheduled to be heard on 20 November 2018, the company said.

'We are gratified that the Tribunal has issued judgements so rapidly in relation to the vast majority of the appeals heard on 20 November, once again rejecting all of those on which they have so far ruled. The expeditious rejection by the court of the appeals made by these six parties further strengthens our faith that all outstanding appeals will be similarly dealt with early next year,' said Global CEO, Peter Hill.

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