- Remote Monitored Systems reported its wholly owned subsidiary, Geocurve, a specialist surveying and inspection business, has been successfully accepted into the EU's KEEP+ programme.

In addition to modest financial support, Geocurve and the University of Essex will engage in ground breaking knowledge exchange, collaboration, contract research and innovation in the Virtual and Augmented Reality spaces (VR/AR).

Geocurve through this initiative expects to be able to develop and introduce significant new high value products and services for both its current and future target clients.

Geocurve expects that this VR innovation with University of Essex has the potential to allow Geocurve's current and/or future clients to substantially reduce both cost and risk.

Geocurve expects that by combining its specialist surveying, data processing, software development and problem solving with University of Essex's VR/AR specialist skills and innovation, Geocurve will be able to expand its commercial services into hazardous environments like nuclear, construction, natural or manmade disaster services and in particular in confined spaces, within storage tanks, caissons and underground reservoirs.

The UK government (in a 2013 report by UK's nuclear decommissioning authority) predicted costs of over £100bn to decommission the UK's existing nuclear sites.

Through this programme Geocurve has the opportunity to develop unique, specialised services and potentially IP to offer to facilitate such decommissioning.

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