- Social video company Brave Bison said Friday The PGA Tour had renewed its strategic relationship with the company. Brave Bison had been working with the Tour to enhance its presence across its portfolio of YouTube channels since 2017. The company said it would continue to work in collaboration with the Tour's content teams to 'drive advertising revenue, increase organic views, and generate subscriber growth,' the company said.

The services provided by Brave Bison to Tour would include YouTube channel management, digital rights management, and content strategy development.

'The TOUR is one of the most content-rich sports organisations in the world, and we are delighted to renew our partnership to ensure its content and exciting stories are seen by as big an audience as possible. We finished 2018 as the largest Facebook publisher in the world based on views*, and we are very excited to support the TOUR's Facebook portfolio,' said Claire Hungate, Brave Bison's Chief Executive Officer.

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