- Mining and maintenance support group Management Resource Solutions said a move to oust three of its directors was defeated at a meeting on Friday morning.

The company said votes in favor of removing Robert Hackett, John Zorbas and Timothy Jones had amounted to around 80.7m, 82.0m and 82.5m, respectively, defeated by votes against the motion of 89.8m, 89.0m and 89.0m.

'I am pleased that this second requisitioned general meeting is behind us and we can now concentrate on growing the business for the benefit of all shareholders,' chief executive Paul Brenton said.

'Robert Hackett's appointment to the board was the first stage of implementation of the previously-announced board succession plan.'

'We will now move forward with the appointment of the two further independent non-executive directors envisaged in that plan, in respect of which candidates have been identified.'

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