- Immunotherapy-focused cancer treatment developer Scancell said it had signed its first collaboration and non-exclusive research agreement to assess a pipeline of monoclonal antibodies, or mABs.

The antiboides were targeting tumour-associated glycans that had been enhanced with the company's new proprietary AvidiMab technology.

The agreement was signed with a 'leading antibody technology company' that Scancell did not identify.

'As previously announced over the last year, Scancell has been building its pipeline of mAbs as potential novel target cancer treatments,' the company said.

'Most mAbs for the treatment of cancer target proteins on the cancer cell surface and subsequently mediate an immune response to eliminate that cell.'

'However, there remains an unmet need for new and improved therapeutic targets, as well as improved approaches to mediate cell killing.'

Under the terms of the collaboration and research agreement, Scancell and its partner would evaluate the potential of anti-TaG mAbs in various formats including, antibody drug conjugates, bispecific antibodies, as well as stand-alone antibody products.

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