- Specialist media platform Future sad full-year core earnings was now expected to be 'materially ahead' of expectations following stronger-than-expected growth in core operations in the final quarter for the year.

Full-year earnings (EBITDA) was now expected to be materially ahead of current board expectations, Future said.

Audience continued to perform well across the business, and was a core underpin of the stronger revenue performance, the company said.

The integration of Purch, which had expanded the company’s reach in the US market, was nearing completion, with, and all migrated to Future's Vanilla website over the summer, the company added.

Integration of the recently acquired cycling portfolio, meanwhile, was also going according to plan, with Cyclingnews migrated to Vanilla at the end of August and, its new mountain biking brand, launched in beta during July.

'The group continues to show positive momentum in revenue growth in all our core areas and our cash conversion continues to be excellent, with year-end leverage expected to be under 1x,' Future said. The company expected to publish its full year results for the year ended 30 Sept 2019 on 15 Nov 2019.

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