- Healthcare investment company Syncona reported a 7.2% loss for the six months to the end of September as its portfolio was weighted down by a fall in the share price of one of its holdings.

Autolus, a NASDAQ-listed therapeutics company, declined by 61% during the period, outweighing significant returns that Syncona banked from the sale of Blue Earth Diagnostics and Nightstar, as well as a Series B financing in Achilles Therapeutics. Syncona said it continued to believe in Autolus' strong fundamentals.

Net assets at 30 September 2019 totalled £1,336.8m, down from £1,455.1m at the end of March.

Syncona's capital base increased by £455.8m to £855.5m during the period, and it expects to deploy £200-250m for the full financial year.

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