- Security contractor Westminster said it had sold more fever detection equipment in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

The company also said that its West African airport operations had not yet suffered any downturn, with passenger numbers continuing at record levels, though it was closely monitoring the situation.

Westminster had previously supplied fever screening equipment during epidemics, such as Ebola and Bird Flu, to various countries around the world.

But it said it had seen nothing on the scale that it was now experiencing with the coronavirus outbreak.

The company said it had dealt with over 500 enquiries so far in 2020 for fever detection and associated equipment, resulting in sales of about $0.72m.

'Given the dynamic situation in respect of the response to the current coronavirus pandemic it is difficult to forecast future demand,' Westminster said.

'However we consider that the supply of fever screening and associated equipment will represent a material element of our business during the current financial period.'

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