- Vaccine delivery system developer N4 Pharma said it was planning to progress to a new study of a treatment for Covid-19 after its recent research didn't produce positive results.

The company had last month announced the successful completion of stage-two proof-of-concept work. It involved the transfection of human embryonic kidney cells of Nuvec technology loaded with coronavirus plasmid in vitro.

'Following the completion of stage-three of the proof-of-concept work and a review of the results, the company is continuing to explore the utility of Nuvec with the coronavirus plasmid and will progress to an in vivo study in due course,' N4 Pharma said.

'Whilst the single intradermal injection used in the stage-three pre in vivo study did not result in a measurable expression of the spike protein in the target cells of the murine target, neither did the positive control.'

'Additional exploratory studies will continue to understand the translation potency of the coronavirus plasmid including optimisation of Nuvec plasmid loading.'

'With this in mind and taken together with previous positive data, the company has decided to proceed to a full in vivo study to demonstrate the capability of Nuvec to generate Covid-19 specific antibodies.'

N4 said it was in the process of scoping the programme of studies required.

Chief executive Nigel Theobald said the initial pilot work of stage three of the Covid-19 proof-of concept-work was narrow in its scope.

'In undertaking the work we aim to demonstrate Nuve's capabilities both as a potential delivery technology for multiple vaccines as well as for Covid-19 specifically,' he said.

'I look forward to providing further updates in due course.'

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