- Technology company Vianet said its first-half trading had been ahead of its Covid-19-revised forecasts.

There had been month-on-month improvement in operating profit and cash since the start of the financial year with September moving into profit, the company said.

Chairman James Dickson said the company remained in good shape to come through the pandemic and emerge strongly.

'However, we once again find ourselves in uncharted waters alongside our hospitality sector customers following the government's announcement of further new measures over the past two weeks,' he added.

'The new restrictions on hospitality are extremely frustrating for the pub industry.'

'Whilst a few instances of non-compliance inevitably gain high media exposure, the overwhelming story of compliance is not viewed as newsworthy.'

Dickson said recent evidence supplied by Public Health England painted a very different picture of an industry that had focused on safeguarding its customers and staff.

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