- Gately, the legal and professional services group, has reported a cybersecurity incident involving an intrusion into its systems from a now realized external source.

The intrusion was a identified by the company’s IT team who acted swiftly to secure the company’s systems.

Rod Waldie, chief Executive Officer of Gateley, said: ‘IT security is of paramount importance to Gateley and we had carefully planned for the occurrence of risk that a cyber breach could have on the business. Incidents of this nature are, sadly, prevalent. I am grateful that the prompt actions of our IT team have limited the impact of this incident and enabled us to resume our business operations swiftly.’

The company has said it feels confident that impact of the attack was limited and the board sees no threat to financial performance.

Investigations are due to continue but for now the company is confident the incident was confined to a small part of its data store, amounting to approximately 0.2% of the Company's data.

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