- Angle hailed positive research from University Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf demonstrating the use of the company's Parsortix system to isolate circulating tumour cells in patients with brain metastasis.

In the study, 44 patients with primary breast cancer, non-small cell lung cancer and melanoma with subsequent brain metastases were screened for CTCs using the Parsortix system.

CTCs were detected in 50% of breast cancer patients, 50% of non-small cell lung cancer patients and 36% of melanoma patients.

'CTC positivity rates were superior when compared to previous studies into cancer brain metastases which utilised other CTC enrichment technologies, including the leading antibody-based system where positivity rates of 20-22% in breast cancer and 12.5% in NSCLC have been reported,' the company, citing the published research.

'This study further confirms the utility of the Parsortix system for the isolation and characterisation of CTCs in brain metastases and that a Parsortix-based blood test may provide additional medical information to inform treatment decisions that could otherwise only be obtained by a highly invasive tissue biopsy of the patient's brain.'

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