- Biotechnology company Destiny Pharma reported additional, 'strong' data from its recent phase 2b clinical trial showing further efficacy of its drug to reduce the incidence of post-surgical infections.

In March 2021, the company announced that the phase 2b study had met its primary endpoint, demonstrating a highly significant reduction of 2.5 log (>99%) in nasal staphylococcus aureus immediately prior to surgery compared to placebo after just 24 hours of XF-73 nasal gel dosing.

'Today's additional data shows that XF-73 dosed patients can also benefit from a sustained bacterial reduction at the three post-surgical sample time points after wound closure of 1 hour, 2 and 6 days demonstrating 2.5 log, 2.4 log and 2.8 log reductions, respectively, and sustaining the drop of over 99% in S. aureus nasal burden,' the company said.

'Today's new data demonstrates that XF-73 nasal gel has the potential to keep patients at a significantly low S. aureus nasal burden during the period of highest infection risk which runs from 1 hour prior to incision, during surgery itself, to the start of wound healing and out to at least 6 days post-surgery,' it added.

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