- Faron Pharmaceuticals said updated results from an early-stage trial showed that its cancer drug was well tolerated and had the potential to increase survival in patients with a variety of late stage solid tumors.

The updated results from the Matins study included patients from Part I (30 patients) and Part II (110 patients) of the trial.

Landmark overall survival analysis of Part I/II patients who received three courses of treatment and had their scheduled tumor imaging at cycle four estimated that 83% of patients achieving disease control rate, or DCR, status were alive at six months after the landmark - approximately 240 days from initiation of treatment - compared to 29% of non-DCR patients.

'The most significant disease control rate among Part II cohorts was observed in cutaneous melanoma (30%), gastric cancer (30%), cholangiocarcinoma (30%), hepatocellular carcinoma (40%) and breast cancer (40%) patients,' the company said.

'These updated data strengthen our belief that treatment with bexmarilimab can increase survival in patients with a variety of late stage solid tumors,' said Dr. Markku Jalkanen, Chief Executive Officer of Faron.

'We look forward to discussing these results with the FDA and finalizing plans for the Part III expansion cohorts, which we hope to convert to pivotal stage development for a regulatory submission.'

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